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National Transition Survey

This study started in 2008 with the first transition practices survey, with the second data collection phase initiated in 2016.  The next phase of data collection is set for 2024. 

Study 1

Study 1 was conducted through the National Early Childhood Transition Center.  This study focused on the perceptions of early childhood and early childhood special education professionals and their perceptions of the importance of 21 transition practices. 

Access the Report

Rous, B. (2008). Recommended transition practices for young children and families: Results from a national validation survey. (Technical Report #3). Lexington: University of Kentucky, Human Development Institute, National Early Childhood Transition Center. 

The second study was conducted in 2016.  This study replicated the 2008 study, using the same instrument and sample populations. 

Access the Poster Presentation

Rous, B., Gooden, C., & Li, Z. (October 2019). Nationally validated transition practices: Implications for children with disabilities, families and providers. Presentation at the Division for Early Childhood's Annual International Conference on Young Children with Special Needs and Their Families, Dallas, TX.

Cross-Sectional Analysis of Study 1 and Study 2

The aim of this study was to examine changes from 2008-2016 in early childhood professionals' perceptions of the importance of 21 transition practices, assess differences in perceptions based on participant demographics, and identify underlying constructs of the practices and changes over time.

Access the Graphical Abstract Here

Rous, B., Li, Z., Gooden, C., & Nash, J. (2023). Evolving Perspectives: A Repeated Cross-Sectional Analysis of Early Childhood Transition Practices.

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