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Faculty Productivity

 I have been thinking a lot about how we allocate our work time in higher education. That annual process of negotiating with your department head on how much time you will devote to research, teaching and service. We all know that it doesn't really pan out the way it looks on paper.  So for fun, I created a workload calculator.  

Here's what it does.  


The heart of this resource is the Work Distribution Calculator, which helps you shape your workload according to university norms and personal goals. To use the calculator:

Determine Your Weekly Hours

Be brave and enter the number of hours you want to work, not what you find yourself doing just because you said yes too much!

Set Distribution Percentages

Specify how you would like to allocate your time across different categories (e.g., teaching, research, service). And because it matters, there is also a general area, where all that stuff you have to do, but really don't get credit for lives. 


Calculate Weekly and Semester Hours

The calculator will automatically translate these percentages into actual time allocations for both weekly and semester views. When you look at all of the tasks that fall under each of these categories, you may be surprised by how little time you have for a 10% allocation. 



I took the guesswork out by creating a list of items that fall under the research, teaching, service, and "got to do, but don't get to count"General categories.

Get your copy of the Workload Calculator.

I can't wait to hear what you think!

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