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Children Reading the Holy Bible

Research Reports

Developed through the National Early Childhood Transition Research Center (NECTC), funded through the U.S. Department of Education

Research Spotlights

Short papers that spotlight research approaches for the study of early childhood transitions. 

Katherine McCormick, Sarintha Stricklin, Teri Nowak, Beth Rous

Beth Rous, Katherine McCormick

Research Briefs

Short papers that summarize research findings. 

Beth Rous, Katherine McCormick, Rena Hallam

Terri Nowak, Katherine McCormick, Rena Hallam

Gloria Harbin, Beth Rous, Nancy Peeler, Joneen Schuster, Katherine McCormick

Technical Reports


Recommended Transition Practices for Young Children and Families

National Validation Study

Beth Rous


State Infrastructure to Support Young Children with Disabilities

Section A: The Roles of State Interagency Councils

Section B: The Roles of Part C and Section 619 Preschool Special Education Coordinators

Gloria Harbin, Beth Rous, Caroline Gooden, Jordan Shaw


A Review of the Research in Early Childhood Transition

Child and Family Studies

Sharon Rosenkoetter, Carol Schroeder, Beth Rous, 
Ann Hains, Jordan Shaw, 
Katherine McCormick


A Critical Incident Study of the Transition Experience for Young Children with Disabilities

Recounts by Parents and Professionals

Cristian Dogaru, Sharon Rosenkoetter, Beth Rous


Multi-State Studies of Transition during the Early Childhood Years for Young Children with Disabilities and their Families

Katherine M. McCormick, 
Teri Nowak,  Megan Cox, Sarintha Stricklin, Sharon Rosenkoetter, Rena Hallam, Beth Rous, Caroline Gooden.

Additional information on instruments used and data collection processes is available upon request.

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