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 Interagency Collaboration to Support Children's Transitions Across the Early Years

Beth Rous & Rena Hallam

Transition Practices Assessment

This tool is designed to support local agencies and programs in assessing the current status of transition practices within their community. It includes 21 transition practices in the areas of collaboration and coordination across community programs, program specific practices, and family services and supports.

Beth Rous 

Navigating Transitions: A Guide to Building an Interagency Structure

This comprehensive guide provides practitioners with practical tips and resources to build effective interagency systems that support children and families through the transition process. Developed by early childhood expert Beth Rous, this guide covers critical topics such as:

  • Establishing a shared vision and mission

  • Developing interagency agreements

  • Implementing communication protocols

  • Engaging families as partners

  • Shared professional development

  • Data sharing procedures

  • Monitoring and evaluation systems

  • Community partnership building

  • Strategic resource allocation

Each section outlines actionable steps professionals can take to create integrated, collaborative transition practices within their organizations and communities. With real-world examples, customizable templates, and reflective exercises, this guide leads readers through the process of building impactful interagency structures step-by-step.

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