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Using Human Centered Design in Early Childhood

In collaboration with the UK dLab, we leverage design thinking to better understand and address tricky challenges facing early childhood programs and services.

Our Work

Chapters & Articles

Rous, B., & Nash, J. B. (2020). Visual Communication as Knowledge Management in Design Thinking. In D. O’Hair & M. J. O’Hair (Eds.), Handbook of Applied Communication Research. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

Rojas, J., Nash, J.B., Rous, B.S. (2017) Discovering childcare providers’ coaching needs with design thinking techniques. Early Child Development and Care 189(4): 613-624.

Workshops and Presentations

Nash, J.B. & Rous, B. (January 2023). Winning at action research: How teachers and leaders can visualize change. Presentation at the Hawaii International Conference on Education, Honolulu, HI.

Nash, J.B. & Rous, B. (March 2022). Co-designing an early childhood policy program curriculum. Design thinking workshop for the Anita Zucker Center, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL.


Nash, J.B. & Rous, B. (April 27, 2019). Using design thinking to support app development. Invited presentation for Swift Accelerator Program, Singapore. 

Nash, J.B.,  & Rous, B. (April 26, 2019). Using Design Thinking to Advance 1 to 1 Learning Environments.  Invited presentation for the Singapore Ministry of Education One to Many Initiative. Apple, Inc., Singapore.


Nash, J.B. & Rous, B. (April 23, 2019), Using design thinking to support innovation in schools. Invited presentation for the  International Schools Twilight Event. Apple, Inc., Singapore. 


Nash, J.B. & Rous, B. (April 22-23, 2019). Using visualization to advance action research for school teams. Invited workshop for the International Schools Deep Dive. Apple, Inc., Singapore. 


Nash, J. &  Rous, B. (March 2018).  Exploring the feasibility of co-creating classroom experiences: Bringing children's voices to the table. Poster at the Conference on Research Innovations in Early Intervention, San Diego, CA.


Nash, J.B. & Rous, B., (September, 2018). Reverse Brainstorming to Stoke School Improvement. Workshop at 3E, International Schools of Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 


Hains, B. J., Hains, K. D., Rous, B., Nash, J.B., Kahl, D. W., (June, 2018).  Developing community through innovation, leadership & human centered design. Presentation at the International Association for Community Development Annual Conference, Maynooth, Ireland.


Rojas, J., Nash, J., Rous, B., (April 2017). The unmet needs of child care workers for connection, respect, support, and self-efficacy. Poster at Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) Biennial Meeting, Austin, TX, United States.


Douglass, A., Halle, T., Agosti, J., Rous, B., & Nash, J. (February, 2017). Innovative Methods for Improving Quality in Early Care and Education. Panel Presentation at the Child Care and Early Education Policy and Research Consortium Annual Meeting,  Washington, DC.


Nash, J.B. & Rous, B.S. (2017, November). Disrupting Traditional Approaches to Inclusion Through Design Thinking. Invited keynote address to the annual ECIA-NSW Inclusion Symposium, Sydney, Australia


Nash, J.B. & Rous, B.S. (2017, November). Disrupting Traditional Approaches to Inclusion Through Design Thinking. Invited keynote address to the annual ECIA-NSW Inclusion Symposium, Sydney, Australia


Rous, B., & Nash, J.B. (June, 2016). Disrupting traditional paradigms of inclusion through design thinking.  Nash, J. Reimagining the classroom experience by walking in the shoes of the child. Rous, B.  Reimagining the coaching experience by walking in the shoes of the provider.  Presentation at the International Society on Early Intervention Conference. Stockholm, Sweden. 


Rojas, J. P., Nash, J. B., Rous, B. S. (October, 2016). Design thinking and coaching: Empathetic interviewing in developmental relationships. Paper presented at the Mentoring Institute, Albuquerque, NM.


Rous, B., Nash, J.B., Steed, E., & Smith, B. (October, 2015). Young children as program co-designers: Using design thinking to tackle wicked problems. Panel Presentation at International Division for Early Childhood Conference, Atlanta, GA. 

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