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Excited Children in Science Class

From Play-Based to Project-Based: Supporting Meaningful Transitions in the Early Grades

Supporting P-3 Continuity

Connecting Early Childhood Pedagogy and Deeper Learning Principles


We created the following resource to facilitate vertical alignment and continuity based on common foundations of early childhood and deeper learning. With collaboration, reflection and intentional planning, we can leverage powerful early childhood pedagogy to pave the way for deeper learning across all grade levels. Students will benefit from increased continuity in their developmental progression as explorers, critical thinkers and problem solvers. We hope you will find the information helpful. 

Included in the Resource Guide

Blending EC Pedagogy with Deeper Learning Principles

A Discussion Guide for Bridging Early Childhood and Elementary Practices

Emergent Curriculum and Deeper Learning

A Guide for Aligning Early Childhood and Elementary Practices

Student-Centered Approaches Across P-3
From Play-Based to Project-Based 

A Continuum of Learning for Moving from Play- to Project-Based Learning

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