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Early Childhood Research and Development Initiative

Exploring and Designing Creative Solutions to Support Inclusion


What We Do

Multi-ethnic Group of Friends


We design and implement studies affecting young children with disabilities.

Online Training

We provide online training opportunities focused on designing, implementing and supporting services in inclusive settings.

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Research and Development Team

Collaborative ~ Creative ~ Innovative


Dr. Beth Rous

Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Caroline Gooden

Headshot Jaime Grove

Jaime Grove


Research Partners

Collaborative ~ Creative ~ Innovative

Photo of Dr. Haley Bergstrom

Dr. Haley Bergstrom


Sajjid Budhwani


Dr. Bill Haneberg

Headshot of Dwight Irvin

Dr. Dwight Irvin

Headshot of Justin Lane

Dr. Justin Lane

Photo of Ying Luo

Dr. Ying Luo

Photo of Dr. Joanne Rojas

Dr. Joanne Rojas

Photo of Victoria Sherif

Dr. Victoria  Sherif


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